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Filmfest Sundsvall

It’s time for the seventh edition of Filmfest Sundsvall, October 2-6, 2024.

During five days in Sundsvall you can enjoy a crammed film programme, and interesting talks in an exciting festival atmosphere. Watch exclusive premieres of current and upcoming feature films, international documentaries and short films from all over the world take part in in-depth seminars and director talks, and much more.

Filmfest Sundsvall is arranged by Film Västernorrland.

Filmfest Sundsvall is arranged by Film Västernorrland.

Filmfest Sundsvall is funded with the help from the municipality of Sundsvall, The Swedish Film Institute, Region Västernorrland, SCA and ABF/Föreningsbyrån. Most of our funding comes from Film Västernorrland.

We collaborate with the the most northern film regions, Filmpool Nord, Film i Västerbotten, Filmpool Jämtland Härjedalen and Region Gävleborg, on our talent program Norrland Brinner (taking place during Filmfest) and the competing section Norrland Shorts.

Other cooperation partners are Bio Drakstaden, Quality Hotel, q.bar, Bloco, Diös, SVT, Scen & Film, Filmcentrum, Kultur och Fritid - Sundsvalls kommun, Sundsvalls museum, preschools, primary schools and secondary schools in Västernorrland, SCA och Essitys Stiftelser, SK65, Senioruniversitetet, Scen Sundsvall, and several others.

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