Our Award Statuette

During the 2021 festival, we proudly presented for the first time our heavy award statuette, that accompanies the Stone City Award.

Interior architect, furniture designer and artist Cecilia Tjärnberg, who is originally from Timrå, has been commissioned to create the wooden prize.
- I am very proud that I get to create a statuette for the winning film artists, Cecilia says.

She works with space-creating, sculptural form, often in relation to themes like social sustainability and empathy. In creating the statuette, Cecilia has been given free rein, and chosen to work with smooth shapes and explore textile qualities.
- I organized textile in piles, focused on the frill, photo-scanned and created templates. In the sculpture, or the trophy, there is movement - a reference that I think many of us can relate to personally.

The idea is that Cecilia will recreate the statuette every year, and sustainability has been important in the development.
- The material is recycled wood. Each year will be the same, but a different kind of wood. Sustainability is about being attentive, making use of resources, and appreciating variety.


Presented in collaboration with: